Mulberry Guilds and more

I’m working this morning on building the mulberry guild(s). We picked up some manure yesterday, but in the heat and without the tractor, we ended up with a very small load mostly made up of sawdust and ash. I decided to use this for the trees that require less fertility and perhaps some of the strawberry beds, if there’s any left. We’ll return for more manure next week (hopefully in some cooler weather).

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of fruit trees on order for fall/spring:

  • Golden Sweet Cherry (1)
  • Rainer Cherry (1)
  • Montmorency Cherry (1)
  • Ulster Cherry (2)
  • Hedelfingen Dark Sweet (1)
  • Gala Apple (2)
  • Honey Crisp (2)
  • Golden Delicious (1)
  • Bartlett Pear (1)
  • Methley Plum (1)
  • Red Mulberry (2)

These varities may be purchased at the websites listed beneath “trees” and “seeds” to the right.  Our bulb order must go out in September for fall planting and the guilds must be ready by the time they arrive. We’ll likely have a bulb party!

Welcome to Healing Tree Farm!


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