The universe in a weed

If ever you’ve gazed upon a fully ripe dandelion; ready for the next big gust of wind or the aid of a small child eager to watch seeds carried into the sea of air around them; then you may have noticed the tail of each seed resembles a star and that when clustered together (much like this major run-on sentence), it resembles a tiny universe.  

The biggest lesson I’ve received from observing the natural world, is that everything mimics a larger system.  The smallest atoms with electrons revolving around an nucleus mimic the planets in orbit around the sun.  The laws of succession which produce nutrient-rich top-soil are mirrored by the same process over time in our universe with dead stars giving birth to matter which later forms new stars and new planets.  There’s always some reflection of ourselves or our garden or in the largest of imaginable places that resembles the smaller, that takes on the characteristics of another system within a system within yet another system.  The further out we head from tiny atoms to the great expanse of our own universe, we begin to see how each thing is connected and most importantly, it reminds us that we are a part of everything.


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