Course Offerings

Thank you for a wonderful 2015 season!

We will not be offering classes for the 2016 summer season due to relocation.

Please check back this fall.

Here are some photos from the 2015 season.


14 thoughts on “Course Offerings”

  1. Good morning, Sam. I am going to plan on taking part in as many of these classes as possible. I am particularly interested in . . . all of them 😀 I do want to be involved in the Permaculture classes. I have a PDC – this would be a wonderful refresher plus you are offering things that my course 6 years ago in the Sonoran Desert did not offer. I also want to be sure to make it to all of the Sheep – Market classes.

  2. Count me in for the first two. Would love to spin fiber at the Sheep to Market demo, but my salon’s busy season will have hit the fan by July 11 so I am not sure if I can make that one. Would you like me to forward the invite to the Benzie Spinners?

    1. Look forward to seeing you! Yes, please forward along to anyone you think might benefit. And you are always welcome to stop by to learn the wheel outside of a class offering.

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