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And this is where the magic happens…


It’s a fun yarn and quite soft. Looking forward to playing more with color this summer.


The Toddler and the Drop Spindle

photo (18)Drop spindles can feel awkward at first, but a little practice makes perfect. I ask adults down to toddlers to try the same thing first: Just practice spinning it of your leg, without the fiber – just with a piece of yarn.

I can’t wait to see what kinds of yarn this kid produces by his high school years!

Dirty Little Secret

photo (11)I recently told a friend about my dirty little secret. One of my favorite summer morning rituals: Washing fiber. I’ve been doing this mostly at the farm, but just brought the wash tubs home and have run short hoses from both outlets into the flower beds. This will make the process less messy far more convenient. And the newly planted dappled willow will be thrilled.

Small skein shown at left $12 / Skein at right $18  / 80% Suri alpaca fibers blended with local Shetland
Small skein shown at left $12 / Skein at right $18 / 80% Suri alpaca fibers blended with local Shetland

Making a few more skeins available, in addition to “Rebel” and “Detroit.” These are 80% alpaca blends, made from our Suri fibers. Buy both skeins for a striped scarf or single skeins for hats. An alpaca fleece is as warm as that of a polar bear, and I can attest, hats made from these fibers keeps you warm even on those cold, cold winter days (sorry about the swear word).

Upcoming THIS FRIDAY: We have had a request for a lesson in natural and synthetic dyes. If you are interested in joining us at 7p this Friday, please email me for directions: healingtreefarm@gmail.com

“Rebel” & “Detroit” Hand-spun Alpaca Yarn

“Rebel” 120yd $18

“Rebel” is available for purchase at this time. This is at minimum, an 80% alpaca blend giving off hints of rose-grey, pink, purple, and blues. Of course, I think everyone should make socks, but would make a lovely winter hat or scarf for the warmth or request multiple skeins and receive a discounted rate. This skein made using our Suri Tassa-Frass (aka “swift-footed-kicking-monster”), fiber from a rose-grey Huacaya from a neighboring farm (makes the ladies swoon), and some Shetland fibers from a farm in Petoskey.

“Detroit” is named for the timing of the skein.  A friend wanted me to spin up some fibers to sell in Detroit, where, according to a recent Detroit Free Press article, yarn shops are needed/wanted. We are still trying to think of a way to cooperatively connect these fibers with the people of Detroit on a regular basis, but in the meantime, we’re selling some of the inventory to pay for routine farm upkeep.

“Detroit” 148 YD $22

This yarn is fun, vibrant, and unique, much like the revitalization, renewal, and greening projects we’ve seen already in Detroit. Another 80% alpaca blend, using mostly fibers from Ebony (the gentlest one), and a blend of our other Suri gals.

To purchase yarn, and to see other available skeins, please email healingtreefarm@gmail.com to arrange a farm visit or other pick-up option.